Rocchini’s suits are created in one of the most desired and visited places of Italy: Tuscany!

Tuscany is a very desired location for wedding parties: if you are not able to celebrate the ceremony here you can wear a small piece of this wonderful region with our handicraft, by wearing a Rocchini’s groom suit.

Made in Tuscany instead of Made in Italy!

Rocchini’s groom suits are excellent from their conception to their realization because they grow up in the ground of pure creativity, the place who gave birth to Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the contemporary Roberto Benigni. Great talents have come from Tuscany….there will be a reason!

The most evident aspect is the culture and the cult of beauty which renews from generation to generation by awaking a national and international interest.

Why building a men’s wear company in Tuscany?

“Silks come from Como, cottons come from Busto Arsizio, suits are made in Tuscany!”
Giuseppe Rocchini
Big brands such as Lebole, Prada, Cannarelli, Gucci, Cavalli, Ferragamo show to the world their products which are the real Made in Italy.

Giusepppe Rocchini based his production of formal suits on the concept of the Italian beauty, where it’s possible to breath culture surrounded by the green Tuscan hills. Curious from long times, it didn’t take too long to learn from such big talents.

“Tuscan entrepreneurial attitude has no similar in Italy and all over the world, thus being able to evaluate an optimal product founded on the culture. We are educated to the beauty concept since we wake up in the morning, it’s part of our life.”

say Giuseppe Rocchini.

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