Giuseppe Rocchini tells us the story of his leading company in formal and groom suit business.

The story of a company which, with courage and know-how, has consolidated in the business of groom suits and formal accessories: a perfect marriage between business ethics and the excellence of Tuscan handicraft.

“When people ask me to tell the story of Rocchini’s groom suits I find it kind quite hard because I’m more used to creating formal suits rather than to explaining them.

Now that I’ve been exporting my suits all over the world for many years I can assure that I’m still very passionate about my job, it’s just like when you look at your wife after several years with the same love as at the beginning!

How does the story of Rocchini’s formal suits begin ?

I used to be the sales manager of a well-known company in Valtiberina (Tuscany) where I learnt the needs of the market of men’s clothing. One day I decided to create my own company…why? At that time I worked with my wife and her reaction at my proposal to leave a good salary to take a leap towards the unknown was with the typical expression in Tuscany dialect: “Are you crazy?”.

But actually I was not crazy and the time has proved it quite well. I took my first step and I started to develop a company with the same business ethics as still today, founded on the principle of offering good quality, good service and honesty to any single customer.

Behind my professional passion I had the desire to create something mine, not only for the love of money but mostly for my love for creativity. A very important aspect for my creativity has been my photographer study experience in fashion advertising in Milan where I learnt to catch the important aspects from the easiest subjects, thus placing the foundations for the success of Rocchini’s groom suits.

It has not been easy: I began with ties and with all formal accessories like cheviots, bow ties, bands, and neckerchiefs. But above all were waistcoats, which were the most selling articles.

I remember that 10 years ago with the arrival of what is known as the “ crisis of the groom’s waistcoat” I was obliged to reinvent everything by changing all my company approach. Thanks to my experience in man’s clothing business and to the precious collaboration of people and companies here in Tuscany, I decided to risk again: I began to create formal suits.

All the rest is history…
and thanks to my son Matteo Rocchini the story WILL continue!

At the beginning Matteo started to work just to give us a help, then later his passion became real as much as his desire to do.
If you ask Matteo what attracts him of formal and groom suits business, I’m sure he will answer: the continuous change, the creativity incitement, the experience to meet always new people and prestigious companies. From my point of view the fact of seeing my son as a young successor who desires to learn and to give continuity to the family company is my greatest satisfaction.

Giuseppe Rocchini
Rocchini Cerimonia Uomo

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