The ceremony is a set where a groom suit and a wedding dress create together the wedding tale. Collection after collection, Rocchini’s groom suits make you dream class and elegance from other times. The collection 2022 of groom and formal suits renews the company know-how focusing on details and Made in Italy quality.

The Giuseppe Rocchini’s formal suits collection 2022
Groom and formal suits Made in Italy

“Thanks to the new collection – affirms Giuseppe Rocchini, owner and founder of the Rocchini’s groom and formal suits – we want to propose again the class and elegance of the old time celebrities which seemed to be comfortable in any situations. We want to reconsider that class and elegance with Rocchini’s comfort, as a figment of the quality research of the Made in Italy. Comfort and refinements are very important for Rocchini’s suits: it’s very complex selling simplicity because behind it there are textiles choices and material quality. Every single detail is important and the care of every hues made a Rocchini’s formal suit an exclusive Made in Italy one”


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