Do you want a unique experience in the most important day of your life ?

Discover the models of the NEW 2019 COLLECTION, search the sales point nearest to your home and try to wear a Rocchini’s formal suit.

Made in Italy.. Made in Tuscany!

Tuscany is a very desired location for wedding parties: if you are not able to celebrate the ceremony here you can wear a small piece of this wonderful region with our handicraft, by wearing a Rocchini’s groom suit.

The ceremony is a set where a groom suit and a wedding dress create together the wedding tale. Collection after collection, Rocchini’s groom suits make you dream class and elegance from other times.

In a ceremony full of men wearing suits, Rocchini’s groom remain the key player thanks to: gilet, tie, plastron, sheviot, fascia, papillon, foulard… and to the quality of “Made in Italy” textiles.
Rocchini Cerimonia Uomo

Rocchini collections groom and formal suits

Rocchini Collection 2019

Groom and formal suits Rocchini Collection

La cerimonia è di per sé uno scenario, e l’abito da sposo, con l’abito da sposa, fanno parte di questa favola che è il matrimonio.

Collezione dopo collezione, Rocchini abiti da sposo ci fa sognare una classe e un’eleganza d’altri tempi.

L’abito da cerimonia Rocchini 2019 rinnova l’esperienza aziendale puntando sempre sui particolari e sulla qualità Made in Italy.

Rocchini Collection 2019
Rocchini Collection 2019
Rocchini Collection 2019